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Quality Roofing Pros has some advice on Roof Repair in Glade Park so that your residential roof and commercial roof do not become a emergency roof problem. Here are some tips to make sure you do not have to replace your roofing.


Your flashing is the most sensitive part of your roof, yet it is critical that your flashing is intact and well designed. Flashing should be designed out of sheet metal that is corrosion resistant. Metal base flashing does not connect well with bituminous materials like asphalt shingles. As their connections crack, water seeps in. The metal is also weak at joints and corners where metal fatigue and corrosion can degrade it over time. Glade Park roofers recommend bituminous base flashings.

These bituminous flashings need to be protected by metal counter flashings above to stop water entry. Common problems with these metal flashings include being built too high above the base so that it does not adequately protect and separation of the flashing from the roof. If not properly sealed and tightened, they offer no water protection and therefore are basically useless. If the roof was not properly made with realistic angles, or the roofers just did a poor job of installing the flashing, then the joints could crack, leading to a Glade Park roof replacement.

Another common flashing problem occurs around any objects that penetrate the roof, like ventilation pipes or chimneys. Smaller penetrations like exhaust pipes can be flashed with flat metal attached directly to the roofing material and stripped and sealed with felt. Chimneys and other large penetrations of the roofing membrane should have a curb between the edge and the roof that is then coated with bitumen and metal flashing. Problems that may cause a Glade Park roof replacement include broken seams inside the metal curb construction and problems from separation of the flashing base caused by the movement of the vent pipes. Forgetting the top wood nailers that connect the curb to the penetration cause sagging.

Roofs need protection around their drainage systems. Even roofs that are almost completely level need drainage and flashing protection around those drainage areas. Although roofing materials are meant to be water resistant, they cannot handle standing water. The drainage system should be designed to remove water as quickly as possible. Problems like poorly designed or blocked drainage will cause water damage and eventually roof replacement. If you see any standing water call a roofer immediately, as it may indicate structural problems.

To keep your roof intact along its edge, you may need special roofing materials. The edge of the roof is the most vulnerable to wind damage. Gravel stops and metal edge strips are used to shield the roof from damage. Try to keep these materials out of the water line to prevent water from deteriorating them.

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Here some more info on Flashing from a YouTube video from Bob Villa: